Sunday, February 21, 2010

12.5 Done And Done

Hey! Happy Sunday to y'all! I hope wherever you are that you have had as beautiful of a weekend as we have here. It has been in the 50s since Friday! Woohoo!

In case you're jealous lemme tell's supposed to start raining tonight and be chilly all week. BOO! But I guess it is still February, after all.

I have been watching the forecast all week anticipating the weather this weekend because I am sooooo ready to run outside. I've had my Garmin Forerunner for 3 weeks now, and have yet to take her on a nice long run. We've had 3 dumps of snow and beyond cold temps since I got her so she has been patiently waiting on the counter for things to thaw out. Me? Well, I haven't been so patient!

BUT today was the day! And boy, she didn't disappoint. I was so excited to take off this morning! I used it to keep an eye on my pace, my overall time, and every time it beeped (I set it for every mile) I felt stronger it was some kind of validation for my sweat. I liked it so much, I'm wondering how I ever ran without it?! It gave me so much information so I could keep a good pace, and it was motivation to go faster at times. Ahhh, can you tell I like her?! ;-)

I wanted to be able to look at my mileage splits but I guess I didn't set something right because it didn't do it. Do I need to hit the lap button each mile maybe? Anyway, here's the stats that I DO know:

Distance: 12.5 miles
Time: 2:12:22
Avg Pace: 10:35/mile
Avg Heart Rate: 178 bpm
Calories: 1441

I'm going to go pack up the car in a bit, we are at the cabin this weekend and unfortunately it's time to head home to start another week. I'm so ready for summer when the schedules are looser. The kids aren't going to be happy with me for making them pack up, though...they love it down here. They are building a "beach hut" on the riverbank out of tree branches and limbs and spare boards they've found. I'm going to let them finish their masterpiece and then we'll head home.

Have a great rest of your Sunday, lovelies!



EricaH said...

wow, 12+ miles that is amazing to me, i can't imagine running that many miles at such a great pace. Since we share the same name ( i love your signature so pretty) and just reading your post makes me hope ful that I can get in my 15 miles for the week I must follow your blog. Have a great week.

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I am so glad you got to use your new gadget finally! It has been nice and warm here too, we hit 63 yesterday. But cold is coming back tonight and it's raining today. However, I'm sure Spring is going to be gorgeous and hopefully soon!

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