Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Element of Normalcy

Katie and I went to church this morning for the first time in 6 months. Yes, 6. Back in September when I was diagnosed, I had so many things swimming around in my head that I really didn’t want to see anybody. I didn’t want to answer the questions, get the looks of pity, or anything…so I basically just became a hermit! It worked out great during treatment because that’s exactly what my doctor wanted me to do…be a hermit-stay away from germs and lots of people (especially since we were in the middle of cold and flu season). But as we are moving further and further away from chemo, I started really missing church and wanting to go back. But I was nervous. What if people still felt sorry for me, what if they wanted to ask more questions, what they treated me different? Those who know me know that the last thing I want is to be treated different or be pitied. But, Praise God, this morning I got neither! People were happy to see us, but nobody was overly gushy or sympathetic. It felt so good to be back. Yet another element of normalcy has returned

…contented sigh…

OK, as for yesterday, it was a crazy busy day. We spent the day at Tyler’s baseball tournament, it didn’t go so well…they lost both games. But on the bright side, it was their first two games of the season…now maybe all the jitters are worked out! And Tyler got to pitch, very exciting! Then we got home so he could get ready for 8th grade prom. He looked so handsome! He and Brianna made such a cute couple…and were even cuter because they are the best of friends. Teehee, can you tell that comes from his Mama?! He had a great time and danced the night away. We had a moment of panic, though. Brianna and her Mom brought him home at 11pm, she was a chaperone. But we had fallen asleep watching basketball (What?!) and when we woke up at 1145pm, everything was just as we had left it: the porch lights were all still on, doors unlocked, alarm not set, living room lights on… Jack wakes me up and says, “Do you think we should call Brianna? Tyler’s not answering his phone.” WHAT?! He’s not home yet?? “Well apparently not, lights are still all on and etc…” I immediately flash-forwarded to my life in just two or three short years when I will be waiting up for him when he’s driving himself home after an evening of hanging out with friends (and probably NO chaperones), worrying about every choice and decision he’s had to make and praying that he has made the right ones. I’m SO not ready for this. But panic over…Jack went and checked his bed and there he was, fast asleep and safe and sound. Apparently we were sleeping when he came in (Oops! Bad parents, here!) and he didn’t want to wake us so he went straight to bed without turning off any lights or whatever.

…another contented sigh… (But it did take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to fall back asleep!)

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VeggieGirl said...

So glad that you were able to go back to church.

Lovely photos :-)

Keri said...

I've missed your posts!!!

You have a very handsome guy on your hearing how grown up they can be in 8th grade to just come home and put themselves to bed! Seriously, those pictures are adorable.

So glad you were back at church. It just does a soul some good. In a VERY small way I can understand how you feel. Every time we are at church people ask about my husband's job search. I know they care, but I hate that Scot has to tell everyone the status of his employment over and over again.

Oh well, I guess it's better than having no one ask at all!

Have a great week!!

Healthnutcutie said...

AWWW,hooray for normalcy! He looks just like you, cute and handsome too :). So many blessings Erica!

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